you probably wish you were someplace else

This is my homepage. For 2009. Until I get bored and stop updating it again. That'd be now.

Plus a blog of sorts.

Plus links to other stuff.

Plus code you shouldn't use.

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

SHA256 (ca-tedunangst-com.crt) = 049673630a4a8d801a6c17ac727e015fbf951686cdd253d986e9e4d1a8375cba
SHA256 Fingerprint=AA:DD:6D:06:88:7B:36:60:67:56:00:AB:D0:76:FB:B4:3C:60:10:14:5D:AB:4D:39:06:F8:24:08:4B:14:D2:BE