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convention quote quiz

Some quotes pulled from recent New Yorker article on the history of presidential nominations. Who said it and when?

“The Republican National Convention at Cleveland next week promises to be a very dull show.”

“Have no influence in the election on the score of the Negroes.”

“Free the delegates.”

“Americans must rule America.”

“This is strictly a white man’s party.”

“I wish I could slay a Mexican.”

“We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race.”

“In this bright new century, let me ask you to win to your side the women of the United States.”

“Women will decide the outcome of this election.”

“Are the American people fit to govern themselves?”

“The will of the people is crap.”


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pedobear uses a macbook

Based on the fact that Ars Technica likes to use a MacBook keyboard to illustrate many of their child porn related stories, I conclude that’s pedobear’s preferred computing device.

Don’t be a creeper: use a ThinkPad.

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pinboard tips for web design

A few funnies sprinkled with a bit of insight and disappointment. And regret.

It’s 2015. Your team has to wake up determined and put in one hell of a work week to get web pages to render slowly. And yet so many succeed. tweet.

My modest proposal: your website should not exceed in file size the major works of Russian literature. Anna Karenina, for example, is 1.8 MB. tweet.

If your design team insists on including a lot of Javascript cruft and CSS resets, make them write it all out longhand with a quill pen. tweet.

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help wan

A reminder to leave the artisanal kerning to the professionals.

Who’s Wan?

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natural grass preservatives

From Time’s surprisingly healthy snack foods list.

Is the implication that corn fed beef jerky requires artifical preservatives? What makes grass beef so naturally resistant to spoiling?

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funding topologies

“Startup culture starting to resemble a pyramid that has folded in on itself, exploring funding topologies Ponzi never dreamed of” - Pinboard

Funding topology is definitely a subject worthy of further research.

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are you the one who’s watching me?

Walked by an old man on the street who repeatedly asked me, “Are you the one who’s watching me?” I tried to deny it, but he didn’t believe my lies! Was briefly tempted to tell him, “We’re all watching you,” but he was clearly operating marble free and already seemed to have that impression. A strange encounter.

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Achtung! Die Verbindung ist unverschlüsselt

Basically: the network is insecure; the bad guys can steal your Facebook login; check that you are using HTTPS. I’ve never seen a wifi warning this clear and direct before. Bonus points for mentioning that smartphone apps are a particular weakness.

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pretty sure that’s what happened

A special Fourth of July post. If you love America, you’ll love the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. It does a great job walking the line between mocking the nutjobs who believe in world government black helicopters and the sheeple who don’t. A little something for everyone to hate.

The whole show, every episode, plays with credulity, but one segment from episode 14, “The Man in the Tan Jacket”, was in a category of its own. It’s not the most absurdly comical segment, but a striking reminder of the typical internet discussion regarding the relative probability of just about anything.

Early Saturday morning, Fun Complex cameras picked up blurry motion near the soda machine. The footage is quite fuzzy and difficult to discern. Perhaps it is merely rats or racoons digging through an uncovered supply of junk food. But it is, of course, much more likely that a lost nation of people, living in the bowels of a small town blowing alley, are finally revealing themselves. Taking our food supplies and preparing for war. ... It takes very little extrapolation to believe that they worship a god named Huntocar, who demands sacrifice to keep their underground city thriving in the absence of nourishing sunlight. And a fair assumption is that they are ruled by a child king, recently coronated, who is too weak to reign back the generals intent on marching upon us in war.

From time to time, somebody posts an unsourced account of that time the Secret Service tasered their cat because they googled for “how to make money”. As it makes the rounds of all the user news sites, somebody will inevitably post a comment pointing out some logical inconsistencies in the original and asking how the more fanciful events may have transpired. Someone will then reply, explaining everything with no facts and fewer sources. And finally comes the third comment, my favorite. “I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.”

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disrupting innovation theory

Some thoughts on The Disruption Machine. I only just read it, but apparently I’m late to the party. I can’t help but think it’s funny that writing up a review of an article three days before it’s publication counts as too late. (I think it arrived on Wednesday, I read it yesterday at lunch, and today I’m writing. I apologize for my tardiness.)

The article is apparently a rebuttal to The Innovator’s Dilemma, but I think it’s more a counterpoint to the current cult of disruption. Or as the subtitle puts it, “What the gospel of innovation gets wrong.” I think the point is not to prove Christensen wrong, but to demonstrate that the cult of disruption’s holy text is infallible. I myself haven’t read the book, just forum comments telling me what it’s about. Whether those commenters read the book or merely parrot the comments of others, I don’t know, but The Disruption Machine does appear to accurately capture the popular perception of disruption theory.

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snowden and putin have a chat

“Snowden had a fall back question: “Can it be conclusively proven that you’re not the greatest leader in human history?”” - steven_metz

“Told Snowden Russia does NOT collect data of millions of citizens. Instead we collect the actual citizens. In camps. Long as they can work.” - ViktorInEnglish

“I think the keyword there is “uncontrolled”. It’s totally controlled. They target everyone individually. It’s not “mass”” - thegrugq

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please do not poke the bears

“Instead, he seems to have seized an opportunity to poke a giant bear with a stick. The bear then ate him and his users.” - tptacek

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state of deception

From The New Yorker, State of Deception covers the development of the NSA domestic spy program, with more of a focus on the history and politics than the technical details.

The article itself starts with James Clapper’s assertion that the NSA doesn’t spy on Americans. One can fault him for lying, but we should consider this came only after Dianne Feinstein instructed her peers not to ask any questions she didn’t want to know the answer to. It’s Clapper’s job to tell the truth when asked, but Feinstein is responsible for extracting and discerning the truth from a potentially uncooperative witness. That is why the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence was created, no? To look into, over, and after the intelligence agencies despite their own reluctance? Checks and balances don’t work when the check abrogates their duty.

A true gem of a quote from Feinstein: “It’s not a surveillance program—it is a data-collection program.” And people wonder how Clapper got away with such shifty answers. (People also probably wonder how Feinstein keeps getting elected. That’s easy. She opposes gun ownership by anyone except herself. No, she’s not my favorite Senator, why do you ask?)

The hero of the article is Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon. A more amusing quote comes from a book by his father about the disastrous Bay of Pigs mission. “Waterloo staged by the Marx Brothers.”

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i disregard your request

I hate Sprint with the burning fury of a thousand suns, but I have to admit their latest ad series featuring James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell is fantastic. My favorite is Steve’s Facebook Post.

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Snowden changed everything

“Occam’s Razor is pre-Snowden thinking. Like 9/11, Snowden changed everything.” - tptacek

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Amdahl’s bugs

Quote from a friend who develops mobile apps: “Amdahl’s law generalizes nicely outside of performance gains to mobile software platforms. Once you’ve fixed all the bugs that are fixable, all you are left with are the fundamental limits of the platform, which users don’t understand.” (And he’s not even talking about iPhone.) Mobile platforms are certainly the most common situation where the same app running on two different phones will have different features, but I’d say it even generalizes to all software.

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