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i hate icon fonts

I don’t know a whole lot about typography and fonts, but there’s two things I know about font files. They’re ridiculously complex and their parsers have only just begun to experience life with hostile inputs. In short, I’d put fonts second on my list of files likely to pwn your browser, after Flash (assorted video formats are probably closing in fast, though). Relevant.

To address this concern, I disabled downloadable fonts. But thanks to the hard work of the geniuses in charge of making the web better, now I frequently get shit like this:

Hey, look, my lucky numbers are 26 and 78.

Separation of presentation and content, my ass.

Here’s another great one. WTF does any of this mean? Click here to 0xF029 a new tweet!

Even better, at some point I installed the Ubuntu fonts, which contain a magic ubuntu™ logo glyph. Naturally, Twitter uses this same codepoint for some other icon. Here’s a tweet that only received two 0xF147s, but it’s ubuntu™ approved!

Octicons for everyone! This is going to be spectacular.

Video controls on the NY Times website. Click here to 0xE805 the video!

Easter eggs from the Atlantic! Hovering reveals that each is a link to ”#”. How helpful.

Not to be outdone, Medium decided to add a slight rise to their icons, building anticipation for the next story.

Here’s a gem from the Microsoft Store.

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